Batching Your Life

Published: 04/01/21

Batching is a practice of taking similar tasks and completing them at the same time, rather than as they crop up in life.

For example, with these daily thoughts, there are quite a few steps from where they start:

My brain.

…and where they end up:

The internet.

I take each of these tasks (for example, writing drafts for posts), and complete them for several posts at a time.

Batching can take place in almost any area of your life.

  • Cooking several meals in one go, then eating throughout the week
  • Waiting until the end of the day to respond to all of your messages at once.
  • Cleaning your house in one day, rather than a room at a time
  • Working out who you need to ring in a week, and getting all the calls done in one go

Rather than dealing with one of these things as they appear, why not wait a while until you can get them all done at once?

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