Dating Apps

Published: 19/06/21

In a podcast episode of Whore Rapport about dating and chemistry, they ask this question of dating apps:

If you meet someone from an app or randomly at a bar, what are the chances that they will be a like-minded person that you will share a strong connection with?

They understand that it can and does happen, but suggest that it could perhaps be more fulfilling and enjoyable to find an activity or a class that aligns with something you enjoy, and put your time into that instead. To perhaps stop searching for a partner, and instead living your life while staying open to connections.

That way you’ll be meeting people that hold similar values to you, which will be great for your sense of well-being. What with a sense of community being so important to humans and all that.

You can find the podcast episode here, highly recommended listening if you’re into this kind of thing.

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