Fear of Death

Published: 16/03/21

Another thought from the wonderful Fantastic Fungi:

One of the relatively common effects from a strong psychedelic mushroom trip is a perceived reduction or removal of the fear of death.

Paul Stamets suggests the following:

At some point along the evolutionary line, we split from mushrooms. We were once the same organism, then we became humans, and another line ended up as mycelium.

Mushrooms deal with death, it’s their bread and butter. Even the decomposure of bread and butter is taken care of by mycelium.

Mycelium understand, on some level, that death is just part of life.

Therefore, when we humans ingest specific type of mushrooms, they are perhaps teaching us what they’ve learned about death since our separation on the evolutionary line.

This is of course hard to prove, but all the tastiest thoughts are…

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