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Ladies aaaand Gentlemen,

It’s my great pleasure to introduce to you, the first ever Being On Wheels Recommends! A small slice of the internet where I let you know about some of the stuff (and also, some of the things) that add real value to my life.

I’ve gotten heavily into podcasts over the last few years, and I don’t know many actual real people that listen to them, so I’ve decided to kick this all off with perhaps my favourite podcast to date…


M8 Do You Even Podcast?

It occurs to me that a podcast recommendation is slightly less than useless if listening to podcasts is not something you do in the first place.

I rarely listen to music while driving/cooking/washing up if I’m alone, because it eats into my PPT (Potential Podcast Time). I can get bored if I listen to the same music too much, but there is always a fresh podcast to listen to.

Also, there’s no cost to you and if you try it and don’t like it, you can… you know, not listen to them anymore.


The best way to get podcasts is to download them onto your phone.

To get started for free I recommend the fantastic Castro for iPhone, and for Android, Podcast Addict looks good (I haven’t personally tried it, but let me know if you have a better recommendation).

The Joe Rogan Experience

I’ve listened to a lot of different podcasts over the last few years, but nothing has grabbed me quite like The Joe Rogan Experience. The mixture of entertainment value and knowledge just makes it the perfect thing for your ears to enjoy.

Joe is into some fascinating subjects: well-being, health & fitness, psychedelics, and hunting among many others. He himself is a comedian and an MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) commentator, and he just has this infectious zest for life that makes him a pleasure to listen to.


His guests are super varied – he talks to authors, comedians, athletes, scientists, UFC fighters, all sorts. It’s a seriously mixed bag which keeps it really fresh, and I haven’t listened to a single episode that hasn’t given me something useful or entertaining to take away.

Long Form

The average episode is usually more than two hours; one I really enjoyed with Sam Harris (link below) was just over four and a half hours long.

This is the best thing to me about the Joe Rogan podcast. Some of my other favourite podcasts tend to be 30–60 minutes per episode with a big focus on production and editing. This has its benefits, but some rawness and honesty tends to get lost along the way. In Joe Rogan land they hit record and just let the conversation unfold.

There Are Literally Over 1000 Episodes

At the time of writing there are 1134 episodes. At a conservative estimate of 2 hours per episode, that’s 2268 hours of podcasting goodness. If you pressed play on Episode 1 on the 1st of January and listened for 16 hours every single day (allowing yourself 8 hours of sleep a night – thanks Matthew Walker), you would finally get up to date on the 22nd of May!

Actually, you wouldn’t. There would be loads more to catch up on because they get released at an alarming rate – Joe Rogan is a man that gets shit done.

Recommended Episodes

As you may be able to tell, I’ve gotten really into this podcast of late. What follows is the best of the best of the best of (the best of) what I’ve heard so far; hopefully this list will give you a good indication of the variety available in this epic mountain of media.


#804 – Sam Harris – A philosopher, author, neuroscientist, and one to watch. He holds some really interesting views about consciousness, religion, meditation, and human nature, and is an all-around hyper-intelligent man that seems to hold his morals above all else. Contained within is four and a half hours of fascinating dialogue.


#946 – Dennis McKenna – An obviously lovely man, talking for a few hours mainly about psychedelics. He is the brother of Terence McKenna (a legend in psychedelic circles), and they’ve both devoted a sizeable chunk of their lives to learning about the effects of different plants. It’s great to hear this subject spoken about in such an unedited forum.


#1109 – Matthew Walker – Neuroscientist and author of Why We Sleep, a book I haven’t yet read but is very much on my list. This is easily the most comprehensive conversation I’ve ever heard on the facts and myths of the elusive subject of sleep, and listening to it totally changed my attitude towards my own bedtime slumber time time (not a typo).


#1126 – Erik Griffin – I hadn’t heard of him before listening to this, but if you’re ever looking for two hours, fifty-six minutes and fifteen seconds of funny, then this is the episode for you.


#1116 – Steven Tyler – This could be viewed as a bit of a bonus episode. Steven Tyler is the lead singer of Aerosmith but the important thing is that he is a seriously unique character – 70 years old, but he hasn’t let that stop him.

(Each of the links above point to the podcast video/audio on Joe Rogan’s site. I prefer to just listen to the audio on my phone – if that’s the route you want to go down, just search for the episodes in your podcasting app)

Now It’s Your Turn

As I say, I’ve listened to a lot of different podcasts and this is by far my favourite at the moment. Next time you’re driving/cooking/cleaning/walking/running/bored, download yourself some Joe Rogan, you won’t regret it.

Got any unmissable podcasts? Stick your recommendations in the comments below.

As this is the first edition of BOW Recommends I can’t give you anything directly related to this at the moment, but if you want to see what else is going on around here you can check out all of my articles so far on my new shiny archive page that isn’t quite finished but is really starting to get there.
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6 responses to “BOW Recommends – The Joe Rogan Experience”

  1. Rev. J Aslamb avatar

    Wicked! Just the secondary bumshoe I needed to actually get listening, gonna try me that Matthew Walker goodness tonight I reckon. But probably not just before bed because then I’ll end up lying awake thinking on how to improve my sleep habits. Again.

    Wander what fidelity Castro streams at?

    1. Craig avatar

      Matthew Walker has nothing but goodness to offer I reckon, I’m looking forward to reading his book.

      I don’t understand your joke about Castro but I know it feels like a joke so it probably is a joke. I do however enjoy your varied and imaginative websites, so please take some kudos for those.

  2. Jim Larkin avatar
    Jim Larkin

    Nice one pal!!

    1. Craig avatar

      Cheers m’dears!

  3. Erin Rabbetts avatar
    Erin Rabbetts

    Hey Craig I love my podcasts and I am deffo gunna try the ones you recommended! Had a few people tell me about joe rogan podcasts buts it’s super helpful having a few recommended since there’s so many!! Btw some of these seem quite similar to Russell’s brand under the skin (v interesting) or radio x podcasts (v funny) – they’re super different but both great 🙂 My faves from under the skin are #015 Yanis Varoufakis, #006 Noel Fitzpatrick, #029 Carne Ross, #037 Ed Stafford, #022 Robin Harris Head of Psychedelic research. And from the radio X ones I would recommend them ALL as they’re hilarious. LOVE TO YOU AND MAZ FROM ME AND JAMES xxx

    1. Craig avatar

      Hey Erin!

      Thanks so much for the super-comment, and big ups for the suggestions, they’re always appreciated! I was the same with Joe Rogan, I’d heard about his podcast ages ago but never actually got around to giving it a go. I’ve listened to Russell Brand’s podcast a fair bit, but never Radio X, so I look forward to giving that ago.

      Hope your trip is going amazingly!

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