Just Do Five Minutes

Published: 14/12/20

In our quest to be progressing through this life of ours, there’s a funny thing that happens when we try to do something creative or important.

We sit down to start. Then. We don’t start. We find many other “important” things to do instead.

I feel like this is a lifelong balancing act for many of us, but here’s something I’ve been trying lately:

I’m in the middle of trying to write a song with lyrics. I’ve never done this before, because for various reasons, I’m terrified of doing it.

In order to combat these feelings, whenever I sit down to work on the song, I tell myself I just have to do “at least 5 minutes”.

Getting started is the hardest part, and so often once I begin, I end up working on it for hours anyway, because the reality of working on it isn’t scary at all, it’s actually very enjoyable.

So, next time you find yourself resistant to start.

Just do 5 minutes.

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