Love & Coffee

Published 25/02/21

I’m in the process of slowly reducing the amount of coffee I’m consuming. I’ve been drinking it pretty much daily for a long time. I don’t want to give it up, but it feels like a good effort in discipline to reduce my intake.

Also lately, I’ve been noticing how much I want to feel loved. It just crops up in my mind from time to time. Sometimes when I’m not feeling loved, and sometimes when I am.

What’s interesting, is that the want for that next cup of coffee and the want for the feeling of love, don’t feel that different.

If I think about it though, I am loved, and I don’t actually need that cup of coffee.

But if I get too caught up in either of these feelings, I can quickly feel like I’m severely lacking in both love and coffee. When in fact, I’m not lacking in either.

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