Seedling: Turning Up Each Day

Published: 11/03/21

What is a Seedling?

I’ve been doing some work on this blog each day. Usually first thing in the morning.

Today, I really don’t feel like writing. I’ve spent the last half an hour doing anything I can other than writing.

This makes it a perfect day to talk about turning up each day.

I’ve played with this idea in the past, trying to make some progress each day, and it making a big difference over the long-term. But I’m realising that the only way to actually keep going with this is to make allowances to not turn up every single day,

It’s no longer about “never missing a day”. This is asking for a build up of pressure and eventually the stress stopping the process entirely .

It’s now about cultivating a practice of turning up when I don’t overly feel like it (like today), but not trying to force myself if I’m really not in the headspace/situation to sit down and work.

This may seem subtle, but I think it’s crucial.

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