Taking A Break

Published: 20/06/21

I’ve written a daily post for over 6 months (nearly 200 posts) and I haven’t missed a day. It’s been great and I’m glad I’ve done it up until this point, but it’s time for a break.

On Wednesday I’m planning to be at a silent meditation retreat for 10 days, and today was supposed to be my free day to organise myself before I left. What actually ended up happening was that I got out of bed at nearly midday, then spent the next couple of hours doing anything other than my list of things to sort.

Usually, when I get up so late, it’s a clear sign that I’m asking too much of myself. I’m away for 10 days in a few days time, I’m working almost daily on a large project at the moment, and it’s all becoming a bit much. This daily writing, although very fulfilling, is becoming more stressful than useful or enjoyable. And although I would love to push through and keep doing it, it feels like stopping is important for the upkeep of my mental health.

I may come back to this writing practice after my retreat, I may not. I’m planning to keep brainstorming ideas to write about as they occur to me, and I’m gonna take it from there.

Thanks for being here on this journey with me, knowing you lot read what I write helps me be a better writer, it helps me articulate and question my own thoughts in a way that wouldn’t otherwise be possible. And I love and appreciate that very much.

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