The Dip

Published: 07/06/21

Almost everything in life worth doing is controlled by the Dip.

Seth Godin

Each activity worth doing, project worth completing, daily blog writing to keep up with; are all subject to the Dip.

Whether it’s starting a business, becoming a surfer, or learning to play the sousaphone. Each one starts off rewarding, and feels worth doing, until it suddenly doesn’t.

The trick is, deciding whether to commit or quit. Are you going to see it through until you see those results or not? If not? Quit. If so? Commit! Quitting is great if you’re not going to see it through anyway because it frees you up to do something else.

This entire concept is from Seth Godin’s book, The Dip. He also has a daily blog which he has maintained for over a decade.

Personally, I think there are exceptions to this, as some things in life can just be enjoyed without the goal of mastery. But if you’re unsure whether something you’ve started is worth pursuing, considering the Dip can be a useful way to frame it.

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