Seedling: It’s Why We have Skyscrapers

Published: 24/01/21

What are Seedlings?

Humans don’t have skyscrapers because we needed skyscrapers, we have skyscrapers because humans cannot stop solving problems.

It seems inherent in human nature that we always feel slightly dissatisfied with what we have, and over time, that’s why we now have skyscrapers.

I find this applies to situations so often. No matter where we are in our own lives, we feel like we would be happier if we:

  • Started getting up early
  • Got that interview
  • Beat Jay at Chess #comingforyou
  • Had a fringe

There really is no end to this. I believe it’s one of the main reasons we’ve managed to do so many of the things we’ve done. This permanent sense of slight dissatisfaction.

The bold takeaway from this one?

Be aware of this part of you character, and hold it in awareness in your decision making.

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  1. […] Odds are that even if you managed the thing you’re envisioning, an idea of another small improvement will quickly fill its place. I reckon this is why we have skyscrapers. […]

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