Seedling: Telling Good Stories

Published 26/02/21

What is a Seedling?

Telling Good Stories

We are the stories we tell ourselves, so we should tell ourselves good stories.

We all do things we’re happy with, and some we’re not. But the narrative we tie to these things is important.

For example: I’m occasionally finding it hard to be in my kitchen (or indeed any other room with multiple humans in it) at the moment.

Here are two stories I could tell myself:

  1. “Why the fuck can’t I sort my shit out? It makes no sense that I get so anxious all of the time, everyone will think I’m a fucking idiot because I can’t go into the kitchen.”
  2. “I’m learning a lot about myself and through this troubled time, I am trying to cultivate showing self-compassion. Sometimes I want to be on my own, or I find it hard to cook, or I don’t do my house chores, and that’s okay.”

Both of these stories fit this situation, but only one comes from a place of love and acceptance. Are you telling yourself any overly harsh stories?

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