Seedling: We are the Stories We Tell Ourselves

Published: 05/01/21 (Updated: 09/05/2021)

What is a Seedling?

We are the Stories We Tell Ourselves.

If we tell ourselves that we’re not good at sewing, it’s going to be far harder for us to improve our sewing ability.

If we explain to every person that we meet that we can’t cook, we will find it so much harder to improve our culinary skills.

A different option is to say:

“I haven’t done much sewing, but I want to learn.” Or, “I’ve gotten out of practise with cooking, but I’d like to bring it back into my life.”

The starting point is the same, but is far more allowing of improvement.

We are leaving ourselves open to growth.

More stories I’ve told myself in the past:

  • “I’m not creative”
  • “I don’t suit hats”
  • “I can’t live in cities”
  • “I couldn’t learn another language”
  • “I hate zoom calls”
  • “I’m shit at boundries”

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