Vanlife – Through The Seasons

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A few days ago, I was sat in the beautiful Devon countryside looking across the autumn leaves covering the forest floor, and it caused me to consider the differences between this new life of mine compared to the one I spent mainly within the confines of a house.

The main feeling that struck me was that while living in a van, I’m far closer to nature and my behaviour changes as a result. Us homo sapiens have had to adapt to the seasons throughout almost all of human history, and this practice is decreasing as the accuracy of our central-heating thermostats increase, thus allowing us to live our lives as if nothing is changing around us.

When you’re more aware of the seasons going by, you end up with more variety in your life and begin to notice your habits change and improve as time passes. If variety is the spice of life, then the changing of the seasons is one high-grade spice rack.

That’s not to say that this path of life is all easy going, sometimes it’s quite the opposite. The heat is harder to deal with and so is the cold. But having to adapt to these conditions and develop solutions as you go – I liken to the herbs of life. They add flavour that you don’t need to survive, but they do make you that little bit happier and healthier.


This particular snapshot of summer is in Hungary. I always thought it was spelt ‘Hungry’ when I was little…

This year, we witnessed perhaps the hottest summer of my lifetime in the UK. As a result, I’ve been on the hunt for spots to stay where I can find somewhere cool, open all of the doors and get some airflow flowin’. You truly don’t appreciate how wonderful shade is until you’ve been slow-cooked in a blue metal box!

(To be honest, I don’t think it really matters what colour the metal box is. It’s just that my metal box happens to be blue)

In the summer, I tend towards following the rhythms of the sun. As the temperature cools in the evening, I find myself naturally tiring, and that enables me to get up early and have some chill time in the morning before the heat kicks in with full force. However, there is still the battle of trying to get to sleep on a particularly hot night, wearing nothing but a sheet and still overheating.

My favourite thing about summer is that I end up in more beautiful spots than any other time of year, there really is nothing quite like preparing a meal somewhere quiet with all of the doors open.


And for the undisputed winner of our Autumn photograph… It’s the one and only Belgium!

Summer, as you may know, tends to turn into Autumn. This is perhaps the prettiest season to be in a van, with reddish golden colours fading across the landscape.

A transitional time into the slower months, Autumn brings lovely walks in the countryside, and a sense of cosiness descends upon the world.

Because it’s a milder season there are fewer restrictions on where I can stay in the van. I don’t necessarily need all of the doors open to keep things cool, or the fire roaring constantly to keep things warm. This then provides me with the distinct advantage of being able to witness a far wider range of the world-famous residential streets of the United Kingdom ← #vanlife


This one goes to our very own – Bristol, UK!

Right now in this luscious Autumn, it doesn’t necessarily feel like winter is coming. But if Game of Thrones has taught me anything, it’s that it will eventually turn up.

As the cold continues to draw in, I once again end up in nature far more often. This is because I feel the smoke billowing from the roof of the van isn’t always welcome in the aforementioned residential streets.

With Winter comes more lie-ins, getting out of bed when the world has warmed up a little, dressing gown still donned from the night before.


Last but not least, the breathtaking Slovenia. I highly recommend anyone who can, should go and visit this amazing country.

This is perhaps my favourite season for living in the van. As the cold eases, the fire is needed less and becomes more of a comfort rather than a necessity.

Personally, I’m a big fan of the mild weather, and the transition into summer is a nice direction to be headed.

Let’s get your current favourite season in the comments. Although I probably enjoy Spring the most in the van, I’d have to give the top spot to this beautiful Autumn at the moment.

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